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Designed by humans.  Powered by technology.

Spectrotel selects from a variety of network and technology providers to design and build customized end-to-end solutions for business moments that matter most. As a next generation aggregator, customers choose Spectrotel because we provide unparalleled choice, unrivaled expertise, and exceptional service.

Every business is different, and so too is each solution. The team at Spectrotel are true craftspeople who balance experience and technical know-how to find innovative solutions that are just right.

at the Core

At Spectrotel, we’re all about you.

Your challenges. Your growth. Your success.

Customer at the core represents our values of integrity and trust, our heartfelt approach to service, and our passion to push boundaries when and where others simply will not and cannot.

Human Crafted
Enterprise Optimized

  • Human Built.
  • Human Deployed.
  • Human Supported.

Cloud Communications

Boost your productivity and customer service


Turn your infrastructure into an advantage

Managed Services

Refocus your resources on growth


Safeguard your business assets

Consulting and Pro Services

Maximize your time and talent


Minimize Risk

Learn how you can access expert support and service to protect your business and achieve real peace of mind with Spectrotel’s suite of Security and Managed Services.  


Optimize Resources and Technology

Learn how you can realize operational and cost efficiencies while ensuring consistency and futureproofing with Spectrotel’s suite of Connectivity and Consulting and Pro Services.  


Modernize Your Enterprise

Learn how you can evolve and enhance your communications and ensure optimal customer experience and satisfaction with Spectrotel’s suite of Cloud Communications services.  


Wireless Internet
Backup Bundles

Don't Let Network Failures Disrupt Your Business.

  • Seamless Failover: Automatically switches to a wireless connection during primary network outages, minimizing disruptions to your business operations.
  • Faster Speeds:With the broader capacity of 5G, wireless internet offers faster speeds, enhancing overall service availability.
  • Fast Deployment: Wireless services can be installed in as little as 24 hours, ensuring immediate connectivity, with full failover capabilities once the primary service is deployed.
  • Bandwidth Optimization: Combine SD-WAN and wireless connections to optimize bandwidth and balance loads effectively when 5G unlimited is included.

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