Leading Edge Ethernet Services

Spectrotel offers a suite of leading edge Ethernet-based services, which form the foundation of business networks of the future.  Ethernet has long been the ubiquitous transport technology within the LAN environment.  Carrier Ethernet provides a ubiquitous, standardized carrier-class service that is cost effective, flexible, and easy to use in the WAN environment. Below are a series of images that depict Spectrotel’s typical service configurations for TLS, Fiber EPL , and EOF services. Please note that service configurations may vary based on the underlying network provider used to serve the particular location. Please click on any of the images below to enlarge them and see additional information.

Spectrotel Transparent LAN Service (TLS)

Spectrotel Transparent LAN ServiceSpectrotel’s Transparent LAN Service can be configured with point-to-point Ethernet Virtual Circuits (EVCs) as depicted above to form an Ethernet Virtual Private Line Service or with EVPLAN EVCs to provide any-to-any connectivity.

Spectrotel Fiber Ethernet Private Line (EPL)

Fiber Ethernet Private Line (F-EPL)Spectrotel’s Fiber Ethernet Private Line (EPL) is a dedicated, point-to-point transport service provided via fiber access loops and a Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) over fiber in the core with Ethernet protocol and Ethernet interfaces at the customer premises.

Spectrotel Ethernet Over Fiber (EOF) via EPL

Ethernet Over Fiber (EOF) via Fiber EPL Spectrotel’s Ethernet Over Fiber (EOF) is a dedicated Internet access service that may be provided over Fiber EPL transport to the Internet hub with connectivity to upstream Internet backbones.

Spectrotel Ethernet Over Fiber (EOF) via EVPL

Spectrotel Ethernet Over Fiber - via EVPL Spectrotel’s Ethernet Over Fiber (EOF) may be provided over EVPL transport via a switched Ethernet core to the upstream Internet backbone.

Versatile SIP Services

Spectrotel SIP Service Options

Spectrotel SIP Service Options

Spectrotel’s SIP Services offer Voice over IP (VoIP) calling and features riding seamlessly across internet access via Ethernet and other technologies.  Service is available with Spectrotel or customer provided internet access or premise equipment.

  • SIP Lines (Analog) are ideal for customers with internet access and analog phones without a TDM PBX, depicted as (1) , or with a TDM PBX depicted as (2).
  • Native SIP Trunks, depicted as (3), are ideal for larger customers with internet access and SIP phones or an IP PBX.
  • SIP PRI, depicted as (4), is ideal for customers with internet access and enough inbound or outbound voice traffic to require a full PRI (with D Channel).


PBX Cloud Solutions

Spectrotel PBX Cloud Solutions provide organizations with a hosted phone service, including Spectrotel PBX Cloud Solutionsadvanced call routing and more than 40 standard and select state-of-the-art enhanced features, all accessible through an easy to use customer portal for personal control. Examples of standard features include Hot Desking, Emergency Forwarding, and Call Coverage. Examples of enhanced features include Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Mobile Twinning, and Outlook Integration. This “Cloud” based platform offers scalability and inherent redundancy, all without the headache of asset ownership and maintenance costs. In addition, Spectrotel can manage the complete installation providing a turnkey solution for any size business.

Complete Network Solutions

Spectrotel offers complete network solutions that are customized to the specific needs of the customer applications and networks. Traditional solutions include a combination of voice and data services including integrated T1′s to provide Internet and voice services over single circuits. Spectrotel’s leading edge solutions are based on our suite of Ethernet services, which may include point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and any-to-any applications in virtual private networks configured via Ethernet Virtual Circuits (EVCs) or Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). Other solutions may include Internet access as well as a suite of voice services based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) provided over IP.

Below are two example Ethernet-based network solutions that highlight the breadth and leading edge nature of Spectrotel’s services. The first is a TLS network with a private data network via an any-to-any EVPLAN EVC configuration with a second EVPLAN EVC configuration to provide Internet access at all locations. The second network is an  MPLS network over Fiber EPL circuits that provides a private data network with Internet connectivity and SIP-based voice services riding on the IP network. Please note that solution configurations may vary based on the underlying network provider used to serve the particular location. Please click on any of the images below to enlarge them and see additional information.

Example Transparent LAN Solution
with Private Data and Internet

Example Transparent LAN Service (TLS) with Internet Solution

Example MPLS Network over Fiber EPL
with Private Data, Internet and SIP Voice

Example MPLS Solution with Internet and SIP Voice Service