Spectrotel customer's home depicting inside wire and telephone


Testing Equipment

Before you place a call for repair, it is a good practice to determine whether the problem is with your telephone (or other equipment) or the inside wiring. You may avoid unnecessary repair visit charges simply by determining where the problem exists before you call the Spectrotel repair department.

  • A quick and simple test of the telephone is to check if other telephones at that location are having the same problem, or you can plug a different telephone into that telephone jack and see if it works.
  • If one telephone works and one does not, the problem is with the equipment.  In this case you would need to make the necessary repairs to your internal equipment yourself or by calling your equipment vendor.
  • If two or more telephones do not work from the same location, the problem could be with the local, inside wiring or with the telephone line.  Please see “Testing Inside Wiring” below.

Please note:  If a technician is dispatched on a trouble deemed as “Customer Premise Equipment” it may result in a maintenance visit charge.

Testing Inside Wiring

  • Once you identify that the problem with your phone service is not with a particular telephone, you can determine if the problem is with the inside wiring by plugging the phone into the jack at the junction box with the outside line. In some older residences a jack may not be present, but in most cases there is a telephone jack at the point of demarcation between the local telephone lines and the inside wiring. If the phone works at that point, the problem is with the inside wiring. If it does not work, the problem has been isolated to the telephone line.
  • If you discover that the problem is inside your home or office, you can attempt the repairs yourself or ask an electrician, contractor or knowledgeable friend to help you. Be aware that if you rent a home or office, your landlord may be responsible for inside wire repairs.
  • Once you have checked your telephone (or other office equipment) and your inside wiring, and the trouble still exists, feel free to call Spectrotel’s repair department and we will be glad to assist you in resolving the problem with your telephone line.  Please see “Reporting a Trouble” below.

Please note: If a technician is dispatched on a trouble deemed as “Customer Premise Equipment” it may result in a maintenance visit charge.

Reporting a Trouble

You may report service troubles directly to Spectrotel Customer Care at 1-888-773-9722. Spectrotel’s customer service representatives are trained to assist you with efficient, knowledgeable troubleshooting 24 hours a day.