Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install my Spectrotel provided router?

For Internet Over Fiber Service (IOF), Spectrotel provides routers for customer self-installation.  Please see the NETGEAR N300 router installation guidelines for IOF service speeds of 50/25, 75/35 and 150/65 Mbps.  Please see the NETGEAR N750 router installation guidelines for IOF service speeds of 300/65 and 500/100 Mbps.

To change router passwords, to update IP addresses (after the initial configuration), and to reset the router, please see the following Additional Router Configuration Guidelines.

How do I add additional services and features to my account?

Just call Spectrotel Customer Service at 1-888-773-9722 and someone will be glad to assist you. Our representatives are knowledgeable with all of the Spectrotel services available and can help you to select the features that are customized to meet the needs of your business.

How can I view my Monthly Bill Online?

To view your monthly bill online, log into your account through the Spectrotel Customer Portal.

Once you enter the Customer Portal
Click to enlarge image.

  1. Click on the “Bills” tab
  2. Select the statement due date from the pull down menu.
  3. Click the “View Statement” button to download a PDF version of your statement.
  4. If you do not have Adobe Reader®, click the Adobe button and download the Reader.
  5. After installing the Adobe Reader, click the “View Statement” button to download the statement.


How do I sign up for automatic bill payment?

Spectrotel’s Auto Bill Pay feature enables customers to improve efficiency by streamlining payment of their Spectrotel invoice. Payment can be made by credit card or checking account once the information is set up and authorized by the customer.

Click here to learn more about Spectrotel Auto Bill Pay, including how to sign up.

This is my first Spectrotel bill, and I was told that I would save money. Why does this bill look higher than my previous carrier’s bill?

Just like your previous telephone service provider, Spectrotel always bills monthly (recurring) service charges one month in advance.  Your previous provider will issue you a credit for any prepaid monthly charges on your final bill from them, normally within the next 30 days.

Your first invoice from Spectrotel will include pro-rated monthly service charges for the current billing month as well as for service charges for the following month in advance.

We realize that the pro-rating and pre-payment of monthly charges may be inconvenient during this transitional period.  But remember, the end result upon receiving your credit from your previous carrier will offset these charges.

Why have I also received a bill from previous carrier this month?

As stated above, your previous telephone service provider will issue a credit to you for any prepaid charges, but they will also bill you for any usage charges for your phone calls made prior to the date that you switched your service to Spectrotel.

What are the Terms & Conditions for Spectrotel’s Inside Wiring Maintenance Plan?

Spectrotel’s Inside Wiring Maintenance plan is an optional plan that provides diagnosis and repair of inside wiring for a monthly fee.  Under this plan, Spectrotel will repair or replace defective standard inside wiring covered by the plan at no cost to the customer.

Who do I contact to review the Carrier-to-Carrier Migration Process?

Migration Resolution Primary Point of Contact: Joan Keith Email: Phone: 1-732-345-7870

Escalation Point of Contact: Chris Ricca Email: Phone: 1-732-345-7846

What is a Dial Tone Charge?

The Dial Tone Charge is simply your monthly service charge for having your telephone in service (“with dial tone”) when you pick up the phone.

What are the surcharges?

FCC Line Charge

The FCC line charge is an FCC regulated fee that you pay to your local phone company to connect you to the telephone network. This fee permits the local phone company to recover some of the costs of installation and maintenance of the telephone wire, poles and other facilities that link your business or home to the network.

End User Common Line Charge

The End User Common Line Charge is a federally regulated monthly service charge to enable the local exchange company to recover some of the costs of the telephone line or trunk connected to the customer’s premises. The End User Access Charge is a monthly, flat-rated charge assessed to end users for each local exchange service line or trunk. The End User Access Charge will be based on a monthly snapshot of end user accounts. No fractional debits or credits will be issued.

Local Connectivity Fee (LCF)

The Local Connectivity Fee (LCF) is a monthly surcharge assessed to end users to offset the cost of Local Number Portability. Local Number Portability allows, where facilities permit: (1) a local exchange telephone service customer to maintain the same Directory Number (DN) when changing from one telecommunications service provider to another while remaining at the same location; and (2) callers to complete calls to numbers that have been ported. The monthly LCF surcharge is assessed, as determined by the Company, to all end users or resellers of local exchange service. The monthly LCF surcharge is assessed, as determined by the Company, to all end users or resellers of local exchange service. The LCF surcharge is assessed on a per line basis except as set forth following:

  • (1) When a customer is provided Integrated Services Digital Network-Primary Rate Interface (ISDN-PRI) that permits the provision of up to 24 voice-grade equivalent channels over a single T-1 facility, the LCF Surcharge for ISDN-PRI is assessed per T-1 facility;
  • (2) When a customer is provided PBX Service, the LCF Surcharge is assessed per PBX trunk;
  • (3) The LCF Surcharge is not assessed to Lifeline customers.

Regulatory Administrative Fee (RAF)

The Regulatory Administrative Fee (RAF) is a monthly charge per line assessed to the end user for costs associated with regulatory proceedings and filings, compliance with regulatory orders and mandates, and administration of federally mandated taxes and surcharges.

Carrier Cost Recovery Surcharge (CCRS)

The Carrier Cost Recovery Surcharge (CCRS) is a regulated monthly charge per line assessed to the end user for carrier access charges and expenses.

National Access Fee (NAF)

The National Access Fee (NAF) is an FCC regulated fee that is assessed to recover the Spectrotel’s costs of access to various local exchange carrier networks nationwide. Spectrotel will assess the NAF through a flat-rated, monthly end-user charge assessed per each local exchange service line or trunk. For end users who have chosen Spectrotel as a presubscribed interexchange carrier, the Company will assess the NAF based on line type as described. Spectrotel will make every effort to determine Customer line type in order to assess NAF. As Spectrotel may not have information regarding customer line type, the Customer is ultimately responsible for ensuring the Company is aware of the pertinent line type for NAF assessment purposes. NAF does not apply to customers who purchase services via a wholesale offering and resell those services for their use.

What non-profit programs are supported by Spectrotel?

The CTF Program subsidizes advanced communications services for participating organizations including schools, community colleges, libraries, hospitals, health clinics and community based services.
Spectrotel is a certified provider in the CTF program
CTF provides a 50% discount on monthly charges for eligible services, excluding equipment, fees and surcharges

  • DSL
  • Ethernet over Fiber
  • Internet over Coax/Cable
  • Internet over Fiber
  • Internet over Fixed Wireless
  • Internet over Satellite
  • Internet over Wireless (Participant must be eligible for discounts)

To learn more about CTF go to CPUC CA website:
Click here for information on applying as participant.
Contact Spectrotel about CTF:
Phone: (732) 345-7977 or Email: