Spectrotel: Empowering Organizations by Providing Personalized Managed Services

The Telecommunication Act of 1996 was the first major overhaul of the industry in decades. As the law was intended to foster competition and innovation, many entrepreneurs used it to enter the sector by forming Competetive Local Exchange Carriers (“CLEC”). One such company was Spectrotel, founded by Jack Dayan in 1996 located in Neptune, NJ. Recalling the initial days, its President and COO, Ross Artale, adds, “Jack and I are passionate; some call it fanatical, about customer service. We wanted to service customers in the SMB and enterprise space differently than everyone else.” And, with this objective, the duo developed what the company calls “Simply Better Service.” For 20 years their commitment to removing the complexity of buying and managing telecommunications services while providing “personalized” service has been the key to their continued growth.

As the industry has evolved so has Spectrotel going from a regional CLEC to being a nationwide powerhouse offering a full suite of voice, data, cloud, and managed services. Their ability to evolve and invest in solutions that ensure they are providing the best products to their customers in a simple and personal way is unwavering. The company provides a complete solution of internet, voice and cloud service, layers on the managed services, and wraps it all with an award winning enterprise customer portal to deliver complete end to end management. Mr Artale said: “Spectrotel’s unique approach of delivering complete management of the internet, voice, and managed services eliminates the conflicts that often arise between and among the different suppliers.” Spectrotel manages it all which allows their customers to consolidate service providers, consolidate invoices, improve technology, reduce costs, and call one U.S. based location for support. It is simplicity at its best.

The decision to bring Managed Services to its suite came after speaking with many C level executives to help identify what is keeping them up at night. The theme throughout has been eerily similar – security. Who manages the network? What technology and capital investiment is required? What kind of training is required? Understanding and anticipating its customers’ needs is core to Spectrotel’s success. “Spectrotel’s managed services solution solves all these problems” states Ross Artale. “We have a 24x7/365 SOC, certified security experts, and cutting-edge technology to manage real time threats, anomaly detections, and SIEM. The customer doesn’t need to spend enormous amounts of capital because we do it for them.”

Today, Spectrotel is one of the fastest growing managed services providers in the country. This year alone they have experienced a 300% growth in sales of their suite of managed services products. “I think our growth speaks to how far the company has reached in fulfilling our goal of providing affordable and personalized service,” states Mr. Artale. “As we look toward our customer needs in the future, Spectrotel is developing, for rollout in the first quarter of 2017, a Software Defined – Wide Area Network (SDWAN) service that builds upon our managed services experience and incorporates elements of network virtualization and cloud-based management to provide efficient and secure communications with improved service performance and cost savings.”