Carrier Ethernet News Interviews Ross Artale from Spectrotel

Spectrotel has made the news again! This time Carrier Ethernet News had interviewed Ross Artale about its reseller model. Spectrotel has no complaints about being a reseller for the major ILECS and actually finds that resellers can offer better pricing to customers then a customer purchasing directly from the ILEC. And the customer service is far more personalized and efficient. Below is an excerpt of the article followed by a link to read it in more detail:

While many providers of Carrier Ethernet services tout their extensive network assets, Neptune, N.J.-based Spectrotel has a contrarian view. “We love the resale model,” said Spectrotel Chief Operations Officer Ross Artale in a recent interview.

And although the resale model is known as a low-margin business, Artale said, “Our core competency is our relationship with the ILECs. We will be able to command the best price and the best service. We’re priced very competitively.”

Spectrotel, which has been reselling TDM-based voice and data services since the mid-1990s, added Carrier Ethernet offerings in 2012. After launching Ethernet private line (EPL) and transparent LAN service early in the year, the company in December added dedicated Internet access based on Ethernet over fiber.

Spectrotel currently offers service in 13 LATAs, primarily through resale agreements with Verizon and some competitive carriers in the Northeast but according to Artale, “We will be nationwide quite soon.”.