Full Suite of Services

Office environment with data, internet and voice services. Spectrotel offers a full suite of telecommunications services designed to meet the needs of SMB and enterprise customers nationwide. Whether the need is a single business line for a home office or 1 Gbps Ethernet circuits to interconnect enterprise data centers, Spectrotel has the breadth of services, experience, and high quality support that businesses are looking for to provide for their telecommunications needs.
Spectrotel offers a full suite of voice, data and internet services including:


Simply Better Service

US Map color coded by major ILEC territories.

With Spectrotel service, your critical business communications ride the most stable and secure network facilities in the nation that are coordinated by Spectrotel and provided by stable well established carriers, some of which are the nation’s largest Local Exchange Companies with well over 100 years of experience. Spectrotel aggregates services from multiple carriers nationwide to provide seamless, high quality services based on the best suited underlying carriers given the location and service needs.  Spectrotel removes the complexity by managing the customer’s entire network, eliminating the need for customers to “piece part” services from different providers.   Through the use of sophisticated back office systems Spectrotel is able to link across multiple regions and coordinate multiple service provider networks.   Spectrotel’s billing system provides simple, clear, consolidated invoices that can be customized to meet individual customer needs.

With Spectrotel’s Simply Better Service, Spectrotel manages the complexity while business customers enjoy the simplicity of:

  • One network service provider
  • One simple, easy to read invoice that is customizable to individual business needs
  • “Live,” personalized, customer contact
  • Same underlying quality LEC networks without the hassles and extra cost

With Spectrotel, your time is saved to grow your business!